Bratz vs. Barbie: A New Show To Add To The Books For Drama

Glen A. Wilson’s Advanced Drama will be hosting an Improv Night in the Little Theater on Mar. 3rd.

This long-awaited night will be an improv show of a storyline entailing Barbie vs Bratz. An improv show consists of a completely made-up monologue with no script to memorize, no preparation, and no structure.

Drama teacher, Kim Weaver shares what the inspiration was behind the theme for the show.

“Every year the advanced class comes up with a variety of ideas. Usually, we have three teams, but this year we decided to do two,” explained Weaver. “So it was really fun to come up with ideas that are pairs instead of a group of three. We also have all but two males, the rest of the class is females so I think that was a really fun connection for them.” 

The class sure is excited as they have continuously been practicing various games using different suggestions so they can understand what games they are strongest at and use that to their advantage on stage. 

Senior Sabrina Yeh explains her favorite part of show days and how characters work in an improv show.

“My favorite part about show day is waiting in the wings/backstage until the show starts, everyone is nervous but we all end up making each other laugh, and we all get quiet once the announcement for the beginning of the show starts. We do not really have any assigned characters for the show since it is improvised and we make it up on the spot,” said Yeh.

Yeh is ecstatic to see the show come to life with all the preparation that the class has been putting in for it. 

Senior Jamie Choo also shares what makes advanced drama so fun that will instantly make others want to join.

“I feel like drama makes me feel a lot more comfortable with myself and be able to grow in a new environment, both are things that I think are very important as we go through life,” remarked Choo. “With advanced drama, we still act along with getting all of the production elements ready for the show and I have loved being able to learn about aspects of it and gain skills that can be used in any part of my life.”

Choo’s love for drama is something that is relevant in all of the advanced classes’ hearts. They will certainly have a wonderful show that will leave the audience satisfied. 

Students can expect more from drama as Intermediate will be performing a comedic one acts on Mar. 9 and 10. Make sure to grab your tickets in E-1 or from an intermediate drama student for $5.

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