Boys Waterpolo Takes First Win Home Against Ontario

  Varsity Boys Waterpolo played against Ontario on September 13, 2023.  They had a fierce game and ended with a final score of 16 – 12.

  This game had two starters down and the team seemed to have no difficulty winning despite this handicap. The defense from the opposing team was good, making it difficult for our wildcats to get open. But our team pulled through and were able to win the game.

  When asked whether or not they were worried about facing off against Ontario, Kyler Khang said “We have no worries as we know Ontario is not as good as our previous opponents and we are capable of beating them even without two of our starters.” Noah Rago on the other hand said “I was worried about Ontario seeing their team at first but then we started playing and I knew we could win.”

  Before the game, I asked Kyler and other team members what they did to prepare. Kyler told us he listens to music, Raphael and Noah said they both drank lots of water, and Kyler and Noah both had a good pre-game meal.

  I asked Noah and Raphael about any challenges they faced during the game. Raphael said, “During the game, some challenges were trying to get open to as they had really good defense that game.” Noah told us “A challenge we faced during the game was listening to our coaches a little better.”

  When asked if they did anything new to prepare, Noah claimed he “stayed well hydrated before the game and get lots of rest the night before.” Raphael said he “practiced with my wonderful teammate Kyler Khang passing and shooting and that helped me get a goal on them [Ontario] and assist him and my teammates as well.” 

  I asked the coach what he did to help train the team for the game. The coach said “practicing with plenty of conditioning, educating on fundamentals, and preparing plays to help get our players open. the strong team chemistry is helping to speed up the learning process and definitely contributes to our success so far.”


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