Boys’ water polo gives their best effort at Diamond Bar HS

  On Oct. 5, boys’ water polo fell to Diamond Bar HS with a score of 10-18. 

  The players went into the game with their heads held high, knowing they would try their best for those supporting the team and their school. 

  Co-captain Luke Snyder (10) shares how he stayed motivated and at ease throughout the game despite its outcome. 

  “Even though [I knew] we might not win, I can still always play my best for the people in the stands who came to watch me,” Snyder said. “There was really no reason to be nervous since I have been playing for years and know how everything goes at this point.” 

  Reflecting on the week, Levon Gasparayan (12) shares how the team practiced regularly to prepare for their game. 

  “The team practiced drills, shooting, and swimming for the most part,” Gasparayan said.  An assortment of drills improves our shooting and defense while swimming improves our endurance in the water.” 

  With all of that preparation complete,  Gasparyan (12) shares how he and some of his teammates felt going into the competition. 

  “Prior to the game, I felt a little nervous, especially knowing how good of a team Diamond Bar is,” Gasparyan said. “In the end though, the whole team realized that it was just another game. What ended up helping  me stay focused and determined was the thought of losing. Not wanting to lose, I pushed myself harder and played to the best of my ability.”

  Finally, junior Fox Rago shares how the team never lost their heart and tried their hardest throughout the entire game. 

  “At the beginning of the game we were discouraged,” Rago said. As the game went on, however, the team got more confident and started making more shots. Unfortunately we did lose the game, but we did not lose our spirit.” 

  You can check out boys’ water polo at their next game on Oct. 19 at Los Altos HS.


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