Boys’ varsity basketball kicks off league games with a win

On Jan. 17, boys’ basketball started off league play with a win against South Hills HS by a score of 52-43.

Head Coach Willie Allen details the work behind the team’s victory.

“We have had a very regimented training from weightlifting to calisthenics to plyometrics, and over the course of the year, starting in the fall, just kept on [training] through the beginning of the pre-season,” Allen said. “The team has been doing well. I am proud of what they have done so far.”

Allen also speaks on the team’s plans for future games.

“We are still on the road to our goal of 14 wins—right now, we are at 11 with our win against South Hills on Monday, but we have still got a long way to go. Three more wins are not easy to come by,” said Allen.

Team co-captain Aiden Chan (12) agrees. He delves into some difficulties the team faced at the game on Monday.

“We had not played in three weeks, so our execution was slow, and we did not pay attention to the details for almost all of the game,” Chan said.

Chan does not focus on the negatives, though. He also expresses what he thought he did well at the match.

“I think my hustle game was good. I could have hit more shots, but I just have to keep shooting,” stated Chan. “I train and practice outside of school and just keep up the discipline and repetition to perfect my craft.”

Katelyn Yu (12), who attended the game on Monday, commends the boys on their play.

“South Hills continuously turned over the ball, which led to the Wildcats scoring some layups and three-pointers,” Yu said. “Everyone in the crowd was cheering on the boys.”

Boys’ basketball’s next game is away against Diamond Bar High School on Jan. 24.

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