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boy’s tennis defeats Los Altos HS with a smashing win


 On Tuesday, March 5, boys’ tennis defeated Los Altos HS with a score of 16-2.

 Playing Wilson’s rival school, the team practiced every day to prepare for this significant game. Likewise, the boys have remained undefeated thus far since the beginning of the season.

 According to doubles player Taiyo Aizawa (10), the boys prepared by rallying against each other and getting mentally prepared.

 “Rallying and practicing serves helped prepare us for [the game]. We always try to get rid of the nerves before matches and make sure to have fun,” Aizawa said. “I think being calm and collected [whilst against others] helps me  stay focused on winning.”

 Additionally, doubles player Spencer Howard (10) says that bonding and learning from previous matches helped him on the court.

 “I am proud of our score because they had beat us last year. Building chemistry and learning from our mistakes definitely helped us, “ Howard said. “I learned that being too confident before games can [negatively affect] my performance.”

 Ultimately, captain Michael Tran (12) believes the team should focus on remaining optimistic and consistent during games in order to play to their fullest.

 “[Although] we won, I felt like we could have done better to sweep them. I want my team to improve on their mentality, as I know they have potential,” Tran said. “[It is] just their mindset that is holding them back from playing  at their best.”

 With league season approaching, the boys plan to make the most of preseason games by testing different strategies. They also plan on practicing various techniques and maintaining consistency in rallies.

 The boy’ next game will be away against San Dimas HS on Mar. 13.

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