Boys’ tennis takes loss from Rowland HS

On Apr. 18 boys’ tennis was defeated by Rowland HS with a score of 4-14. 

The players were split up into singles and double games throughout the sunny afternoon. 

Head Coach Martin Marquez explains what took place during the game, and also comments on the skill level of the opposing team. 

“This was our first time meeting with Rowland. Their team has a really good doubles system, and they have great players overall,” Marquez said. “Singles did really well, and doubles kept up their fight. They were really consistent, they were hitting all their shots, but the other team was just too perfect. They are pretty sound in technique and fundamentals.”

Marquez also reiterates his satisfaction with the team’s overall progress and applauds their efforts. 

“There were good strides made today, and everybody tried their best,” Marquez said. “Overall, I am proud of the boys. We are doing our best. Some games we could definitely improve on, but we are getting better. This year was a big improvement from last year.”   

In addition, captain Korey Wee (12) states his thoughts about how the game turned out as well as how the team handled the loss. 

“I think the team did better, especially because last year it was very hard for singles to compete,” Wee said. “As for doubles this year, they played much harder opponents, but they kept their motivation up well.”  

Wee goes on to explain an interesting challenge he faced during the game, in which an opponent had exhibited toxic behavior early on into the match. 

“I had this one person accuse a line judge and me of cheating when I was not,” Wee said. “I had my moment of retribution however when I won the game 6-0.” 

Another player, Raymond Jiang (10) shares how he played and the improvements he could have made. 

“I believe I underperformed when playing against their singles 2 and 1,” Jiang said. “I would also compare my performances in these two games to less than those of my previous games. One improvement I would need to make would be to adapt to new environments, such as the sun blocking my view of the ball.”   

Boys’ tennis will next face Rowland HS at home on Apr. 21  

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