Boys’ Tennis Defeats Los Altos High School

On Mar. 28, boys’ tennis defeated Los Altos HS with a score of 11-7. 

The players were separated into singles and double games throughout the hot afternoon.

Coach Martin Marquez comments on his team’s performance and how the different conditions may have affected their outcomes.  

“We kind of suffered at the start of the first game. We had one injury, Korey Wee [12], our superstar singles player, got sick at the start of the match,” he explains.

Additionally, Jeffrey Wei (10) weighs in on how he did during the game. 

“I felt that I did decently well, but I think the rest of our team could have played better,” Wei said. “It might have been because some of our players were missing and we had to sub in less experienced players.” 

Wei also discusses how he got ready for this game in particular. 

“I prepared for the game by staying well hydrated and eating well,” Wei said. “I also tried to get some more rest than usual so I would feel more energetic going into the game.” 

Furthermore, Joshua Chuang (10) details his experience during the match. 

“I always prepare my best for the games in our daily practices, as well as the additional practices outside of school,” Chuang said. “We could have done even better if our best player was not out sick, though we still beat Los Altos in the end.” 

Despite the less-than-ideal circumstances, the team fought their way through each game and secured a win.  

Boys’ tennis will next take on South Hills HS at home on Apr. 11.

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