Boys’ Soccer takes the win from Cathedral City HS

On. Feb. 13, boys’ soccer defeated Cathedral City HS in a satisfying victory with a score of 4-3. 

The game was an intense match with high energy from the seniors on the team, and after a couple close calls, the team managed to take home a win. 

Gael Cisneros-Botello (12) highlights the preparation they needed in order to succeed in Tuesday’s game. 

“I prepared for this game by watching film with my team and the coaching staff, and by preparing mentally to hopefully succeed in our matches. I am very happy about us getting the win, although I do think my team could have played better, but I will say I’m proud of my boys” he says. 

Cisneros-Botello also recalls a crucial turning point within the game that he believes contributed to their win. 

“[A crucial moment] I would say would be in overtime when Jacob Cristo, our goalie, saved us by stopping a potential winning goal which was very clutch”, he recalls. 

Jacob Cristo (12) evaluates his own performance at the game, noting a few close calls into the game. 

“I feel like the game played out how we expected it too, got unlucky on a couple of chances that could have put the game away earlier” he notes. 

Yet, Cristo still keeps in mind the team’s successes and ultimate victory. 

“I was satisfied with the result. Obviously happy with the win and proud of the defense for a strong performance to keep our team in the game.” 

Next, Mario Narravete (11) describes his recollection of the game, detailing the overall energy he felt during the match. 

“The way I felt throughout the match was anxious, so many of our guys were just as eager to win because many of them are seniors. There was so much pressure and intensity during the game that gave the team the motivation to win” he says.

Narravete also pinpoints his memory of the winning shot of the game. 

“A moment in particular was the overtime penalties where we scored the game winning goal where the whole team crowded Rogaddi to celebrate” he says. 

When asked about Narravete’s goals as a team for the next season, he places importance on remembering to persevere. 

“I plan on leading by motivating and encouraging the team to keep their head up to any sort of adversity we might face,” he states. 

Boys’ soccer next game will be their semi finals against Arcadia HS, on Feb. 16. 


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