Boys’ soccer holds tryouts

  Glen A. Wilson’s boys’ soccer held team tryouts on Sept. 22, 26 and 27 in hopes of recruiting new talents to the team. 

  Head Coach James Vicente explains what kind of players and achievements they hope to bring in and accomplish this year.

  “I look for players that have heart, want to learn and grow with the game, are very adaptable to the game, and have a desire to win,” Vicente said. “This year we are looking to have better team coordination overall, and hopefully win the [Hacienda] league and make the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) playoffs.”

  Team captain Max Lee (12) explains what kind of environment he wants to create for potential incoming players.

  “I try to encourage a competitive but also friendly environment with the team,” Lee said. “I would love to see  new players both display passion and also be friendly to everyone else on the field.”

  Additionally, returning soccer player Ean Kobe Hernandez (11) tells us what he feels about the new team members.

  “My first opinion is that they are very respectful, supportive of one another and push each other to work harder,” Hernandez said. “I think it will be very exciting to play and to see some of the new talents that come into play. It will be a new experience to learn to cooperate and work well together as a team.”

  According to Coach James, the boys’ soccer season will officially start on Nov. 14. Their first preseason game is Nov. 15, and their first league game will be in January 2023.  

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