Boys’ Soccer Conquers Rowland HS


 On Jan. 22, boys’ soccer conquered Rowland HS with a final score of  2-1.

  This game completes the boys’ second and final win against Rowland HS this season, both games winning by one point in the last few minutes of each game.

 According to co-captain Ernest Maldonado (12), the game reflected many ways they could improve for the future.

 “I [personally] want to improve on my leadership. I can always practice more for my individual performance, but being a captain means that I have to become a better leader for my team.” Maldonado said. “As for team improvements, I hope that we can always have more persistence and not get let down by losing a point.”

 Goalkeeper Ryan Fernandez (12) believes the team’s strong bond was an important factor in the outcome of the game.

 “My team is like a second family to me, we all share this incredible bond,  and easily communicate with one another,” Fernandez said. “This was a [definite contribution] to the win, because together out on the field, we are one strong whole.”

 Furthermore, forward Alex Rodriguez (12) is exhilarated for the team’s future.

 “This game makes me feel really pumped up for the future because we’re showing a really good chance of increasing our chances for [winning league and CIF],” Rodriguez said. “I love being part of such a [tight-packed] team and I know we can definitely go far, because we have the ability to.”

 The boys’ next game will be away against San Dimas HS on Jan. 29.


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