Boy’s Golf Receives their first season loss against Glendora HS


On March 12, boys’ golf succumbed to Glendora HS, breaking the momentum of their back to back wins resulting in their first loss in 3 games.  

 According to captain Christopher Guerra (12), the bond between partners gives players a competitive advantage.

 “Partners are there to support each other. If there is a bond you play your best because someone is there for you,” Guerra said “He takes some of the pressure off and [provides]  a mental boost. Having someone to talk to puts you at ease and helps keep your mind off of the game”

 However, player Gabriel Perez (11) believes that more opportunities to improve will benefit the team.

 “[Preparing more] would help us bond with each other.  We would also work on our games and help each other. If we had more time, we could improve and help each other. When you practice with each other, it is a more competitive environment and it pushes you to be better,” Perez said.  

 Moreover, Coach Munoz states that despite the disadvantages of the game, he is hopeful in moving forward.

 “It came down to knowledge of the course. They figured out how to play their course and it gives a home team advantage. They know most of the whole by heart.” Munoz said “Despite that, the boys played good. I was very happy because we competed. They took it in stride and that’s all I can ask them for. They never gave up and pushed through. I am expecting them to do much better in the upcoming competitions.”

 The boys’ next match will be their second game against Glendora HS on March 21 at Royal Vista Golf Club.

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