Boys golf defeats crosstown rival

On Mar. 21, boys’ golf defeated Los Altos HS by a score of 309-230.

The victory not only serves as one of few Wildcat blowouts against the crosstown rival this year but also as a tribute to the boys’ dedication this season. 

According to six-year golfer Mason Lieu (12), Monday’s win was a major highlight of this season. 

“We played out of our minds, everyone was popping off,” Lieu said. “All of our golfers got such better scores compared to what they were getting to start off the season, and it was cool to see such major improvement.”

Furthermore, Lieu says this win is all the more reason for golf at Wilson HS to gain the added attention and respect that it deserves. 

“We pulled off some major wins this week, and are actually moving up the ranks,” Lieu said. “To me, this is such a huge deal because I do not feel that golf is a very respected sport in general, and especially at Wilson. To show that we have athletes that can rival some of the best schools in our league will hopefully gain us more recognition moving forward.”

Four-year golfer Jiaxi Zhang (11) reiterates Lieu’s message.

“The match was one of the best that we have played all season,” Zhang said. “Not only was the other team-friendly, but also almost everyone on our team scored new personal bests for that course.”

Additionally, Zhang shares some of his favorite moments from this season.

“My favorite part is looking forward to those rare matches when I end up with a better score than our team captain,” Zhang said. “I  never let him live it down for the rest of the week, and I am looking forward to making those matches less rare.”

Two-year golfer Brian Lin (11) also contributes his thoughts on the match.

“It felt good to score well,” Lin said. “There were some mistakes that I made that cost my own score a little bit, but the overall result was great. I am really looking forward to our team potentially reaching the state playoffs this year.”

Boys’ golf will next take on Whittier HS on Mar. 28. 

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