Boy’s Gold Gains Win against Alta Loma HS


 On Tuesday, April 16, boys’ golf emerged victorious against Alta Loma HS at the Royal Vista Court with a score of 230-234.

 The boys won by 4 strokes which continued their back to back consecutive victories after defeating Bonita HS, fueling the team’s strong putting and confident mentality..

 According to captain Jonathan Cortez (12), the team’s winning streak played a large part in bolstering the teams progress.

 “Coming off of the win last week [provided] me with confidence in our team’s [performance]. We have a groove going and knowing that we [could] win again [made us] excited to go back,” Cortez said. “We are a  solid team [that will] keep growing. The prior games have added to that learning process. It helps their confidence and mentally prepares you to keep winning.”

 In addition, player Austin Liu (12) believes that through repetition, the team can further their skills and continue their success.

 “Most sports are based on your athletics. But in golf, it is all about practicing.” Liu said “[Everyone] exercises on the side and we all try our best during games and practices. It is all about practicing outside of practice and on your own time which helps you get better.”

 Ultimately, player Gabriel Perez (11) believes that this game is one of the high points of the season and bettered his high school experience.    
 “This is the best season we have had in a long time. It represents a great era in Wilson Golf. We are more of a solid team and have more confidence than ever before,” Perez said. “We have the most competitive streak in a long time and it is the highlight of my golfing career.”

 Golf’s next match will be away against Ayala HS on Tuesday, April 24.

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