Boy’s basketball succumbs to Montclair HS

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 On Monday, Nov. 26, boys’ basketball suffered a loss to Montclair HS with a final score of 40-63.

 According to head coach Willie Allen, the team could have performed much better given their abilities and past success.

 “I was disappointed [after] this game because I know the boys have so much more skill than they displayed during the game,” Allen said. “We [won] 3-1 in our last four games and went to the championship of a tournament for one, so anyone can see the boys could’ve won if they put more energy and focus into playing.”

 Regarding the loss, small forward Kyle Huang (12) hopes the team can continue to improve on their collective performance.

 “For the next game, I hope to improve on our communication because that detail of our team was not as good as it could have been,” Huang said. “We play really well individually and [individual talent] is extremely important, but basketball is a team-based sport and we should really be working toward that aspect.”

 Overall, power forward Ivan Lee (11) is motivated to display better performance for the rest of the season.

 “With this loss [being] our first home game, everyone quickly realized that we did not perform to our best ability,” Lee said. “This game taught us that we should never undermine [our] opponents and to never let off our guard. I know we will do much better than the first, because this loss was an [eye-opener].”

 Boys’ basketball will be competing in the El Rancho Tournament on Dec. 3.   



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