Boys basketball defeats Los Altos for the second time this season

On Jan. 20, boys’ varsity basketball beat Los Altos HS with a score of 76-61. 

This victory marks the second win of the season against Los Altos, signaling a new era for Hacienda Heights hoops.

Head Coach Willie Allen shares his feelings toward the team’s accomplishments.

“I am very proud of the team. They are overachieving,” Allen said. “We have not beaten Los Altos in boys basketball since 2016, and we have not swept them since 2000, since we normally only play them once a season. 

Captain Ernie Jimenez (12) recalls the exact moment when the game shifted in Wilson’s favor. 

“The turning point for me was when Nick [Valencia] took his second charge on Preston [Lewis] in the fourth quarter,” Jimenez said. “After that, I knew it was over. The players for Los Altos were in disbelief, and then we came down and capitalized off their turnover. Eric [Gurrola] dropped a sweet dime to William [Wei], and he made the basket. That was the cherry on top.”

When asked if he felt confident about the win, Nick Valencia (12) expressed that he had faith in the team.

“I felt very confident about the win,” Valencia said. “I knew me and the rest of the team were going to give everything [we] had in order to win this game.” 

The Wildcats’ next game will be on Feb. 1 at Rowland HS.

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