Boys Basketball Begins Their Pre-Season Tournament

  On Tuesday, Nov 28, Wilson’s boys basketball team began their first pre-season tournament against Orangewood Academy. Unfortunately, the team lost their game with a score of 50-59.

  The team also played their second game of the tournament on Wednesday, Nov 30 against Brea Olinda HS, to which they were defeated with a close score of 46-47.

  In order for a good performance in their first game, the team has to prepare accordingly. Small forward Jonathan Chan (12) elaborates on how he prepares himself for such an important match.

  “To prepare for the first game of the tournament, I put in a lot of practice individually by shooting a lot of shots in my spare time,” Chan states. “I also practiced with my team, and together, we made sure we were on the same page defensively and offensively. We practiced our plays so we could run them successfully when it was game time.”

  Holding onto a positive mentality before a game is also important. Center Josiah Lewis (10) is a prime example of that, as he explains the expectations he holds for himself in such situations.

  “I always come into a game having a positive attitude. I am  always being my own hype man and coming up with in-game scenarios in my head to mentally prepare me for the game,” Lewis describes. “I always hold myself to the expectation of knowing my plays and leaving everything I have on the court before the game is over. 

  Lewis also goes on to reflect on how he wants to get better with each game he plays. “After games I always think about what I could do better and what the team could have done better as a whole. But I always try to work on the negatives the next chance I get!”

  Regarding his performance in the first game, shooting guard Ethan de la Cruz (10) comments on how he can improve in future games.

  “Although I do feel that I put in a lot of effort in my last game, I could have done better both offensively and defensively by getting more rebounds, handling the ball under pressure, and being more aggressive,” de la Cruz responds. “I can improve by focusing on making smart decisions with the ball and keeping my confidence even when my shot is not falling.”

  The basketball team’s third game for the tournament will be on Friday, Dec 1. Good luck to all our Wildcat players that will be on the court!


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