Boys’ Basketball Advances Through CIF


 Boys’ basketball defeated Garden Grove HS with a score of 56-54 in their second round of California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) on Tuesday, Feb. 5.

 This game made history for boys’ basketball, advancing them into the quarter-finals round of CIF for the first time in twenty-five years. The team emerged from a time-out from the opposing team and landed three points, followed by another two points ten seconds before the timer stopped, making it a close win.

 According to head coach Willie Allen, the team’s strong team dynamic and hard work contributed to their success.

“They bonded, they came together as a team, they sacrificed for each other, and those things [helped them to] win a league championship and make it to the quarter-finals,” Allen said.

Furthermore, shooting guard Richard Gurrola (12) notes how the team kept their determination, despite facing various obstacles throughout the game.

 “[During the game,] we did make a lot of mistakes, but our effort and dedication is really what helped us in the end,” Gurrola said.

 From the beginning, Allen guided the team to grow in order to succeed throughout the competitive season.

 “If [this team] did the right things, then they would have a special season, and they’ve done everything that I’ve asked of them,” Allen said.

 Boys’ basketball will continue to work hard and prepare to face off in the state finals.

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