Boston Red Sox Dominate The World Series

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 Wait, the Boston Red Sox actually won the World Series?

 From left fielder Steve Pearce conquering a pair of home runs, to pitcher David Price tossing a seven-inning ball, the Red Sox dominated an outstanding 5-1 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers and wrapped up their ninth World Series title on Sunday, Oct. 28.

 After setting a record for winning a total of 108 games during season, this team carried their continuous spirit to the World Series, overwhelming the Dodgers in the best-of-seven series and claiming their ninth World Series title. Despite the many jokes and heartbreaking insults targeted towards the Red Sox’s “weak and loosely made team” over the years, this often underrated baseball team is actually one of the best.

 For decades, the Red Sox have typically been referred to as “a uniquely tortured club” on social media due to their past team issues and lack of victories. Despite the obstacles, the team worked hard for many years, practicing relentlessly before finally rising to the top.

 In addition, the team made thirteen appearances in the World Series and conquered nine championships. The percentages of other overrated teams compared to the Red Sox’s high track record, nine victories out of thirteen games—a 0.692% chance—is beyond belief.

 Adding on to the success this incredible team has achieved, the victory they grabbed on Sunday wrapped up their fourth World Series win since 2004. In fact, the Red Sox have achieved more World Series titles in a span of fifteen years than twenty-two other Major League Baseball (MLB) teams.

 Furthermore, there were many spectacular Red Sox players that knocked games out of the park this season. For example, Red Sox’s most valuable player and left fielder Steve Pearce hit the game-tying home run in Game 4, officially placing the team onto the scoreboard for Game 5.

 Not to mention pinch-hitter Mitch Moreland, who stunned the Dodgers with a three-run home run in the seventh that started Boston’s astounding comeback in Game 4.

 Furthermore, Steve Pearce began with two-run shots into the center field stands in the first inning to start the evening off, superstar pitcher David Price also set the tone with seven brilliant innings, and superstar Chris Sale bludgeoned the Dodgers as a great pitcher, ending the Dodgers hope for victory.

 Along with well-known stars like Moreland, Pearce and Sale, the Boston team also received numerous critical contributions from underrated players during the postseason.

 Looking from a different perspective, the Dodgers did make unfortunate mistakes. It is very easy to blame specific players for coming up short.

 A big mistake made was by Dodgers manager Dave Roberts, who pulled his starter with a four-run lead and watched his bullpen collapse in a 9-6 defeat to the Red Sox. There were also moments and lineup decisions that may have cost the Dodgers a great victory.

 However, they did not lose the series solely through careless mistakes. They plainly got beaten by a better, more resilient team. In fact, the Red Sox conquered a total of one hundred and eight games this season, while their fifth game opponent came down only to a total of ninety-two games. This year’s most brilliant team would definitely not go to the Dodgers, for this clear gap in statistical success displays an obvious talent difference.

 Undeniably, the Dodgers displayed powerful performances postseason and emerged victorious in the National League West division, but their magic eventually sputtered out in the World Series; they merely ran into a team that was much more spectacular, and actually shared an amazing chemistry, something the opponent could definitely learn from.

 Better luck next time, Dodgers!

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