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Best Buddies enlivens the Halloween spirit


 Best Buddies hosted its annual Halloween pumpkin decorating event on Friday, Oct. 20.

 Best Buddies is a student-run organization that strives to establish meaningful and special relationships with students that have, but are not limited to their intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

 Every year, Best Buddies creates new friendships and celebrates Halloween by decorating pumpkins and spending time with special education students, or “buddies.”

 According to president sophomore Shiny Weng, the event allowed members to develop new friendships with the buddies.

 “I [was very] excited because members [were] able to have fun with the buddies through small and enjoyable activities. The event also let members and buddies [get into] the Halloween spirit,” Weng said.

 Vice-president sophomore Sul-Won Yoo believes that pumpkin decorating created a valuable and fun experience for students.

  “I always [enjoy] hosting events for the buddies, because when the buddies and members interact with each other, it is beneficial and fun for all [of us],” Yoo said.

 Junior Gabrielle Lin says both members and buddies enjoyed the event as they met new friends and embodied the holiday spirit.  

 “Events like these let the buddies feel connected to us and gives them an [automatic group] of friends, [which] makes the members feel good about giving back,” Lin said.  

 Best Buddies will host a Thanksgiving event on Friday, Nov. 3.

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