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Beauty guru blends talent with social media

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 Contour. Blend. Highlight. Senior Victoria Lopez spends her day finishing her makeup for her newest video. She is the girl you would want to do your perfect winged eyeliner for Prom night.

 At Wilson, Lopez may seem like your everyday teenage girl, but in reality, she is a rising Youtube star. Exceeding 38,000 subscribers, Youtuber “Vic Loopz” not only displays her advanced makeup skills, but also highlights her outgoing and bright personality, spreading smiles to each and every viewer with her videos.

 Lopez’s passion for makeup began when she was fifteen years old. By learning to use makeup through makeup tutorials and her interest in art, Lopez easily grasped and crafted her makeup techniques.

 As her makeup skills grew, Lopez’s passion for her newfound hobby, in addition to friends’ encouragements, inspired her to start a Youtube channel.

 “I did not think much of my channel [initially], as it was more of a joke and for fun. [But], without my friends, I would not be as invested in and passionate for my channel, because they inspired me to achieve bigger things,” Lopez said.

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 11.19.55 AM Lopez admits that managing a Youtube channel, along with focusing on academics and having a part-time job, can be challenging, but is worth it in the end.

 “[Balancing all of my responsibilities] becomes very stressful sometimes. However, when I start to edit and publish my videos, the stress fades away, as I notice my hard work paying off,” Lopez said.

 In order to improve her content quality, Lopez is saving up her money to buy a new camera and equipment. As her videos’ views continue to increase, Lopez also uses the revenue she raises for good causes.

 “I donated the pay I received from one of my makeup tutorials on a pink eyeshadow look to City of Hope’s breast cancer research program,” Lopez said. “I did this, because I wanted to raise breast cancer awareness, give back to my community and overall do something nice.”

 Starting her Youtube channel not only cultivated her makeup expertise, but also strengthened her social skills.

 “Publishing my makeup [videos] to the public has pushed me to improve my makeup, but more importantly, I have gained more confidence,” Lopez said. “People who have known me before I started this journey know that I have become more outgoing and more socially balanced, because I have met so many new great people who enjoy the same things that I do.”

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 11.20.07 AM Despite her large success, Lopez continues to stay humble and be a positive role model for her subscribers.

 “I was very shocked to see such a positive reaction from my first few videos, because I did not expect much out of [my channel],” Lopez said. “[However], I am very thankful for my success so far, so I try to give back to my viewers by spreading happiness.”

 Lopez is grateful that she does not receive much negativity, but when it does occur, she tries to remain optimistic.

 “I ignore negative comments, but I feel annoyed that strangers would go out of their way to discourage someone [from] doing what they love,” Lopez said. “However, wherever you go, there will always be people that do not like you, so I am glad that I do not have many of them.”

 According to Lopez, this is just the beginning of her Youtube career.

 “Despite my success so far, I am looking forward to improving my content quality and growing my channel,” Lopez said. “In the future, I would like to make more videos showing my personality, rather than just makeup tutorials.”

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 11.20.20 AM She plans to expand her channel by promoting positive and uplifting messages in her videos, so she can make her viewers happier in today’s society.

 “I am looking forward to convey messages of encouragement, confidence, self love and positivity, so my viewers can be motivated to follow their dreams and pursue their passions,” Lopez said. “There is so much happening in today’s world, and I just want my viewers to feel better and walk away with higher spirits.”

 Lopez’s fans can look forward to more content for years to come, with her passion for Youtube still burning bright.

 “I definitely see myself continuing my Youtube channel in the future. Even if I stop gaining subscribers, I would still create videos because this is what I love doing.” Lopez said.

 With her goals set high for  Lopez is sure to be reaching great heights in the future.

 “With my Youtube channel, I want to create a platform that I can make a business out of,” Lopez said. “My dream is to eventually have my own clothing and makeup line, or even start my own company to make a name for myself.”

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