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Football loses to Los Altos HS


  Last Friday, the football team yielded to Los Altos HS with a score of 7-49.  

  Although the team initially faltered, in the last minute of the first half, they managed to score a touchdown, leading to the halftime score of 7-28.

  Coach Sal Ortiz says that inexperience of the new team contributed to the outcome of the game.

  “We are a young team; mostly sophomores and juniors and some are even freshmen,” said Ortiz. “[Because of this], many of our  players are inexperienced at the varsity level, which gives us room to grow and improve.”

  In preparation for the game, players trained for three days a week under triple-digit heat. During each practice, members played against each other in mock games by separating into offensive and defensive teams.

  Co-captain Andrew Diaz-Ponce (12) says that the players’ attitudes motivated them to persevere until the last stretch of the game.

  “The fact that nobody believes we can come up on top is our inspiration to finish each play. This keeps the fire in our stomachs because we will keep winning once we [prevail],” Diaz-Ponce said.

  In order to improve, Coach Sal Ortiz says that players must master the rudimentary skills of football.

  “The most important part [of football] is knowing the fundamentals. [If] players do not know how to line up or how to get in [position], it will be hard to progress. We must [focus on] one skill every single day to [build up] our knowledge of this sport.”

  The next game will be away at La Puente HS next Friday.


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