Beat LA spirit week, the perfect way to get everybody ready for back to school!

Glen A. Wilson’s annual “Beat LA” rivalry football game against Los Altos HS is here! And the Sspirit Wweek precedingpreluding the big night is creating more excitement than ever. 

The Associated Student Body (ASB) hosted a fun- filled week from Aug. 14 to Aug. 18 that has even got the Freshman racking up spirit points. 

The spirit week consisted of exciting themes for students to dress up for: for “Mockery Monday,”, students wore  Los Altos’ colors to “clown the conquerors”; on “Tourist Tuesday,”, classic tourist and tropical gear filled the halls for students to “scout the competition”; on “War Wednesday,”, cargo and camouflage gear was in style to get Wilson ready for the impending battle of the wheel; and on “Fab Friday,”, Wilson was a sea of cardinal and gold in support of the Wildcat Football team.  When students participate, they are asked to redeem class points at the amphitheater which contribute to each class’s final rankings by the end of the year. 

ASB director Mrs. Branconier shared the process behind choosing this year’s prompts for the SSpirit Wweek. 

“The ASB kids actually choose the themes as best as they could to represent us as the school’s student body as well as things that students might already have in their wardrobe,” Branconier said. “Which [makes it] feel like they can participate in the Spirit Week.” 

Mrs. Branconier also mentioned how her favorite spirit day to participate in was “Tourist Tuesday” where she sported Birkenstocks and her trusty binoculars for the perfect tourist outfit.!

The student body has definitely been a fan of this year’s first Sspirit Wweek as there has been a high participation from all classes. Excited for their last year, seniors hit the record on Monday with over 100 spirit points!

Speaking of the student body, Lauren Sanchez (12) expresses her experience with the spirit week and her views on participating in more activities now that she is a senior. 

“Participating in the spirit week has been very fun and it is very exciting seeing everyone dressing up for the different days,” Sanches said. “I think I’ll find myself getting involved in more activities to make the best out of my senior year. I am so excited to see what we are going to do this year!”

Lastly, ASB Vice President Erin Tran (12) explains advice that she would give to freshmen who are feeling hesitant to participate in the school events like a spirit week. 

“Participate everyday, I know it may feel weird to dress up, but everyone else is also dressing up and it makes us come closer together as a school when we’re all doing the same thing and participating,” Tran shared. “Even if you just try to find anything that fits the spirit day, it works and it shows your school spirit for Wilson and it’s a fun way to get involved.”

We can expect more spirit weeks and ways to get involved to come from ASB throughout the next year ahead.. 


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