Beat LA Rally- Finishing Spirit Week With A Bang!

Glen A. Wilson’s Associated Student Body (ASB) held their second rally of the year on Aug. 18th at lunch, exciting both students and faculty alike! 

The rally finished off the Beat LA Spirit Week and brought on the excitement for the upcoming rivalry football game against Los Altos High School, as well as class spirit with fun games such as Pin the Conqueror, Dizzy Donuts and Tic-Tac-Toe.

Katherine Rovira (12), the head of activities in ASB, explained the fun process of creating and choosing the games that will be played in the rally, along with how they are set up.

“The activities group and I work a week prior to the rally testing and playing potential games. Once we finalize a list of games we make sure that we have the materials necessary. This year, that included a conqueror poster, piñata, and donut floaties. Then finally we get to see our ideas come to life and all the class spirit our student body has to offer, definitely making the process worthwhile!”

 The class spirit was definitely shown as the sophomores and freshmen clashed with each other in the final round of the third game. Although it was a very close match, it was determined that the freshmen won in the end.

Additionally, co-historian Trinity Tran (12) shared how she wanted to make things different for this year’s rally compared to last year’s.

“As a co-historian of ASB, I am in control of the promotion of the event. It’s a big job to have to publicize it in a certain manner and at a certain time whilst also increasing the spirit and attendance at these events as well,” Tran says. 

“We have been able to put out the information and reach the students while they get themselves super involved in the process,” Tran continued.“Compared to last year, the student body’s energy and spirit has really skyrocketed with their willingness to participate in school activities.”

Finally, after keeping the students on their toes, ASB revealed this year’s homecoming theme: Gotham City. Mark your calendars Wildcats, because homecoming will be on Sept. 23rd!


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