Battle of the Classes encourages school spirit


 Associated Student Body (ASB) held the Battle of the Classes Rally on Friday, May 2.

 The rally featured various competitions, games and a dance performed by each class. Classes received points based on their ranking in each of these events, as well as the number of students who wore their class colors. Seniors finished first with 6600 points, freshmen placed second with 5575 points, juniors finished third with 5300 points and sophomores placed last with 5175 points.

 According to ASB advisor Patricia Branconier, Battle of the Classes served an important purpose.

 “The [goal of the rally] is to create school spirit before the end of the year and see which class is the most spirited,” Branconier said. “We planned for [the event] earlier than usual this year, [but we will still] try to start preparing [even] earlier next year and [try to engage] school spirit all year, not just at the end.”

 During the rally, emcee and senior class dance member senior Andy Sui enjoyed his role in engaging the crowd.

 “Being able to hype up the crowd is really fun, and [getting to] look at your class from the bottom-up [offers a different perspective],” Sui said. “[A challenge I faced was] keeping the momentum going, because yelling for two straight rallies is tiring. I [also] had to keep up with the script and make sure everything ran smoothly and [on queue].”

 While Mr. Wilson runner-up senior Ezdras Meraz-Lerma appreciated the chance to spectate the class dances, he believes the Mr. Wilson performance could have been improved.

 “[During] the rehearsal, I got to see different perspectives of the class dances as they slowly improved throughout the [run-throughs],” Meraz-Lerma said. “[However], I would have wanted more [challenging] choreography [for our own dance], as [we were limited] by the instructors telling us, ‘It was too hard.’”

 ASB’s next event is Grad Bash at Universal Studios on May 17.


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