Basketball Season Officially Closes With Senior Night

  The boys’ basketball team closed their season with their Senior Night game on Thurs., Feb. 1.

  The Wildcats started strong with a four-to-zero run in the beginning of the game and managed an eight-to-zero run near the end of the game. Despite doing their best on the court, the team lost the game with a close score of 55-61. 

  Over their basketball careers, the seniors have learned about themselves as people while being a part of the team as players. For instance, captain Jonathan Chan (12) takes the lead in responding to how being a part of the team has helped him learn some things.

  “I have learned that it is important to work hard to perfect what you do,” Chan replies. “It is also important to make sure you communicate with others and be a good team player to get things done.”

  To be a good team player, one must not only be supportive when on the court, but also out of the court, too. Kyle Wong (12) describes how being a bench player has helped him in knowing that he can still support the team.

  “I have learned to embrace being a bench player,” Wong explains. “I have learned that I can still help my teammates and others even if I am not exactly contributing on the court.”

  In terms of improvement, Wong mentions how he has gotten used to playing under pressure with such large crowds at every game.

  “At the higher levels, you tend to be guarded a lot harder for long durations. I would say my handles and overall decision-making has improved.”

  A highlight of the season–according to Wong–was Senior Night. He comments on how the seniors started their final game as a team and ended with him getting an and-1.

  “It was definitely something I will always remember about high school basketball,” Wong remarks.

  Senior Night is a night of honor for the seniors on the team, and Chan expresses his thoughts on being a part of the team for a long time.

  “It felt nice. Basketball has played a big part in my life, and it was sad to say bye to it,” he articulates.

  The next basketball season will be different without the seniors, but we can hope their future endeavors will be successful!


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