Baseball takes win against Rowland HS


 On Wednesday, March 13, baseball defeated Rowland High School with a final score of 8-6.

 In fact, an inning that resulted in receiving eight runs total led to the success of the game. As a team, the players performed to their best ability in defense and offense.

 According to co-captain Nick Barrera (12), the overall intensity of their performance resulted in their victory.

 “As a team, I believe us coming together as a whole gave us the [boldness we needed] to defeat the other team,” Barrera said. “There were times during the game that the other team held us down, but we always bounced back and [overpowered them in the end.]”

 Despite the successful game, co-captain Nick Quiroz (12) believes there is still room for improvement.

 “Although the other team was a bit easier this time, I personally hope to not let my guard down and improve on hitting more of my shots and making fewer mistakes, no matter how hard or easy the other team is. I hope to train on my [accuracy] and intensity,” Quiroz said. “As a team, I want to make sure my team is focused more on every second and hit every ball.”

 Ultimately, player Anthony Guzman (9) wants this game to motivate him and his team to strive for more.

 “Because of this exceptional game we had, my spirits are up [for the future], and I know my team feels the same,” Guzman said. “I hope [my teammates and I] use the successful game as motivation to work even harder for future games and not take any team lightly.”

 Baseball’s next game will be home against Northview HS on March 19.

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