Baseball comes up short against cross town rival

On Apr. 19, baseball was shut out by Los Altos HS with a score of 4-0.

Varsity player Jason Marin (12), who has been playing the sport for over thirteen years, mentions some issues that he had to deal with during the game.

“Some difficulties that I faced during the game was not letting guys get on base because of my pitching,” Marin said. “Also, [the team struggled to] score runs to keep us in the game.”

Marin also mentions some methods that he uses in order to play his best when his team needs him most.

“Some things that I did to prepare for today’s game was ice and stretch out my arm the night before,” Marin said. “Then, I talked to my team about working together and playing the best that we can.”

Moreover, captain Samuel Ruezga (11) offers some words of advice for future Wildcats that will face off against Los Altos in the future. 

“Be yourself, and give it your all. The team will be very successful if everyone is working together,” Ruezga said. “Not only will you have fun actually playing the game of baseball, but you will also enjoy how you are playing because good attitudes create a good team, wins and good plays.”

Ruezga has been playing since he was three years old, and he hopes to continue the sport in college. As team captain, he believes teamwork is essential to reaching peak performance.

“Teamwork means many different things, but for me as a captain, I think everyone has to try their best to work together and give it their all,” Ruezga said. “I also think good teamwork is vital for bringing each other up when we are feeling down on ourselves.”

Continuing, outfielder Ryan Villacorte (10) comments on his idea of teamwork.

“Teamwork [to me] is just the team being well connected and being able to have fun together and pick each other up,” Villacorte said. “Working together in coherence to make things go our way [will help us greatly in the future].”

Baseball will look to bounce back with a win during their next game on Apr. 26 at Walnut HS.  

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