Band Performs in Pre-Festival and Festival Concert!

Wilson’s Concert Band and Wind Ensemble held their pre-festival concert on Mar. 8 and performed at the subsequent Bonita festival on Mar. 9. 

In the pre-festival concert held at Glen A. Wilson High School, band showcased their musical talent in front of a judge who provided feedback to better prepare students for the festival. Middle school band students from feeder schools Mesa Robles and Cedarlane Academy were also judged by Scott Schwarz, whose input helped elevate the bands’ musical performance. 

Kailyne Zaarour (12) shared her sense of accomplishment after playing at the pre-festival concert.

“I was extremely proud since it was our first time performing it in front of an audience, and we played really well. The judge had many positive [pieces of] feedback,” said Zaarour. 

Another musician, percussionist Cristian Roca (11), expanded on what he wanted to achieve in the following day’s festival. 

“At the festival, I wanted to achieve a more confident style of playing because I am fortunate enough to be featured a lot in the pieces we have this year,” explained Roca. 

Of course, though Wilson’s band was not the only one present at the pre-festival concert on Wednesday, they were still able to leave a great impression on the younger students. 

Gabrielle Hsieh (11) expressed what she wanted Mesa Robles and Cedarlane’s middle school students to gain from the entire experience. 

“Hopefully, they would find band fun and would like to be a part of our program since it has many benefits,” stated Hsieh. 

In every festival, Wilson’s Concert Band and Wind Ensemble hope to aim for the highest score and use the achievement to bolster future performances. 

The Royal Wilson Marching Alliance’s upcoming Winterfest will be held at Wilson on Mar. 24.

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