Badminton Takes an Unfortunate Defeat to Cerritos HS

Glen A. Wilson’s badminton team lost to Cerritos HS on the road with a score of 5-16.

Despite the disappointing loss, head coach Merrill La shared how the team was still able to maintain high spirits despite an early disadvantage.

“Our number one mixed doubles lost their first match, but did not lose motivation and dwell on it,” La said.  “They utilized their loss as motivation to perform on their second game to bring back a win.”

La also elaborates on key takeaways that the team learned from the game. 

“Even if we are trailing as a team or individually, we should still have the drive to perform to the best of our ability,” La said. “Regardless of a win or loss, there is always a lesson to learn through the game.” 

To add on, Chris Huang (12) explains the responsibilities that come with being an upperclassmen player and a leader for newer members. 

“Now that I am an upperclassman, there is a lot being expected of me. I have to set a good example for the underclassmen, as well as stay energetic and continue to motivate them,” Huang said. 

Furthermore, Caroleen Wei (11) explained how the team prepared before the game.

“Our entire team practiced a lot and conditioned after school as well,” Wei said. 

Wei also shared how far the team has come since the beginning of the season. 

“Our team is building lots of friendships and improving as our coaches [continue to] dedicate lots of time to help us,” Wei said. “They always help us get in shape and help us with our shots.” 

Badminton is looking forward to a comeback, with their next game at Diamond Bar HS on Mar. 14.

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