Badminton successes in game against Chino Hill HS


On Tuesday, Apr. 23, Badminton defeated Chino Hills HS with a final score of 16-5.

 This victory kicks off the first game of the season for badminton, leaving a great impression for the rest of the season. In addition, badminton is competing on Division 1, a very high level, which makes the games much more competitive.

 According to Coach Thai, the first game of the season showed many pointers for improvement for the next games, especially in preparation for upcoming CIF.

 “Although the team has improved tremendously, winning against a [challenging school], the game pointed out many ways that they can try harder on and [push through their limits,” Thai said. “They were already very prepared from the beginning, but I really want the team to practice their serves a lot more, rather than just trying to hit the target throughout the game, because serves are where the points really come in. They can always try to maintain their focus as well. CIF comes in about two weeks, and I have [great confidence] in the kids that they will strive to do their very best!”

 According to co-captain Luke Li (12) the team’s continuous stamina throughout the game pushed them to their success.

 “The game went really well, above my expectations, and it was all because we didn’t let [off our guard]. We all supported each other and encouraged each other’s individual [successes],” Li said. “I am extremely proud of my team because I see everyone working to their very best everyday in practice and giving their all, which ultimately [leads to great rewards].”

 Additionally, player Ashley Yang (9) believes this game kicked off to a very promising season.

  “This game was honestly one of the best experiences of my short high school experience. Everything went smoothly from both sides of the match, and I believe [the first game’s success] will lead to many more,” Yang said. “Everyone was cooperating and not making excuses, and when I stepped off the bus, it left me feeling content that we would be playing against top ranked schools in our hard division for the future.”

 Badminton will be playing Prelims at TBA on Apr. 30.



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