Badminton falls short to Arcadia HS


 On Monday, March 4, varsity badminton succumbed to Arcadia HS with a score of 3-18 during their first home game of pre-season.

 For the first minutes of the game, our wildcats led with aggressive smashes and a high success rate in lifts. However, the game proved to be a challenge for the team as they trailed into their first match of the season with only few practices beforehand.

According to assistant coach Merrill Labach, the team boasts very capable players but lacks motivation and a strong team mentality.

 “We lost because our players were not mentally and physically prepared. For the most part, preseason games are for playing experience; getting your feet into the water. Their expectations were not right going into the game and their mindset and physical can be more developed before going to the next game,” Labach said.    

 Additionally, doubles player Serena Zheng (11) believes that despite playing against a tough team, the game resulted in a beneficial learning experience for every player.

 “Honestly, it was not an even game. We went into [the game] knowing it would be  hard. We have a lot of new players this year, while [Arcadia consists] of many returning players. We could have done better, but this game is a good learning experience,” Zheng  said. “Every year we play, we learn new things and pass it on to new players.”

Ultimately, co-captain Luke Li (12) reflects on multiple aspects, such as technique and endurance, that can be improved before the next match.

“The game was tough because the openers were really strong, but we gave it our all. Next game, we want to improve on our physical [stamina],” Li said. “Yesterday a lot of players were cramping because of a lack of practice. I believe that mentally we were ready, but physically we were not. ”

  Badminton will compete against Gahr HS on Monday, March 18 at Wilson.

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