Badminton ends season with a decisive victory


 Badminton prevailed against Webb private school with a final score of 16 to 5 on April 26.

 This successful game marks a triumphant end to the league season and the end of the team’s season as the first round of preliminary matches.

 According to coach Thai Pham,  mentally preparing before matches is an important part of the sport.

 “One way to get rid of [stress] is to talk to [our players] and motivate them, [doing this,] they stay positive and keep calm. I tell jokes and we make sure to keep less pressure on [the team]. It helps keep their minds [focused] in the game.

 Moreover, captain Crystal Yang (12) believes the energy provided by the team gives players confidence and support.

 “Cheering plays a big role when it comes to energy, it makes up for a lot of things because it provides the will and motivation to continue playing.” Yang said “Cheering gives players mental support and pushes you to do better and keep fighting. It tells you that your teammates are relying on and gives you inspiration to keep playing and succeeding.”

 Additionally, captain Luke Li (12) believes that the team’s ability to consistently perform aided their success.

 [We won] because everyone played really well. We take practice seriously and it helps us perform [during] games. It did not matter if it was a league game because we play every game our best like it is finals. ”Li said. “It is the upperclassmen and captain’s jobs to encourage the players to have that same mindset of determination.”

 Badminton’s next match will be a team CIF match against Cerritos HS on___

 The results of finals concluded the badminton season.


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