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Badminton crushed by Arcadia HS

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 On Tuesday, Mar. 13, badminton succumbed to Arcadia HS with a final score of 3-18.

 Throughout the game, players faced many challenging matches, as Arcadia is one of the top teams in the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF).

 According to co-captain Sabrina Yuen (12),  the lack of effort during practice led to a lack of  confidence in the players.

 “[Our players] could have done a lot better if we practiced harder. [In addition], many of us were nervous and did not believe we could win against Arcadia,” Yuen said. “This mentality [ultimately] led to our loss.”  

 Moreover,  assistant coach Eric Lin adds that the game proved  to be a learning experience.

  “The team was re-introduced to an intense environment after a break between seasons. [However], everyone is working hard to improve their mentality for the next game,” Lin said.

 Despite the loss, player Crystal Yang (11) believes that the players maintained strong teamwork, as they encouraged their teammates through the difficult matches.

 “Our players were on the sidelines motivating each other to to [increase] confidence as they played tough opponents,” Yang said. “Even though there was a [big] difference in scores during the matches, [cheering]  helped our teammates to keep trying [until] the last point.”

 For the rest of the season, the team plans on taking advantage of scrimmages to improve technique in preparation for league and CIF.

  The team’s next game will be against San Marino HS on Thursday, Mar. 22 at Wilson.

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