Bad Bunny with 8 AMA nominations

Bad Bunny is putting himself on everyone’s list including the American Music Awards nominees list. 

Bad Bunny is a Puertorriqueño megastar who rose to fame in 2016 after releasing his hit single Diles through Soundcloud, a commonly used music platform for small artists to upload their music. He is now known for his hit singles Titi Me Pregunto and Después De La Playa.

The nominees for this year’s AMA have officially been announced with Bad Bunny leading the forefront with 8 nominations, beating the likes of Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Drake. He is nominated in 8 categories: Artist of the year, Favorite Male Latin Artist, Favorite Touring Artist, Favorite Male Pop Star, Favorite Pop Album, Favorite Latin Album, and Favorite Latin Song.

Throughout the past five years, Bad Bunny has proudly represented the Latino community with his actions on and off the stage. He received all these nominations and accolades in an American award show by solely singing Spanish in his records. This brings so much more respect and appreciation to the Latino community, also helping many become proud of their hispanic heritage. Bad Bunny has been vocal on how he would not meet up to American music standards by being the most authentic version of himself in his albums.  He has always been vocal about this topic of identity, always encouraging anyone who listens to never be afraid of the person they are. His social values are one of his proudest achievements in his acclaimed career.

Bad Bunny takes it one step further. In his song and music video “El Apagón” (The Blackout) he brings awareness to issues in Puerto Rico, specifically about the power grid and gentrification issues. Bad Bunny has never been afraid to take aim at the local government. He acted as a good voice for Puerto Rico, and attention has been brought to other problems throughout  Puerto Rico. These blackouts are a really big issue for those in Puerto Rico now having it become a part of their daily lives causing children to do homework in the dark and so on. His music video also shows more about the displacement of many Puertorriqueñoes due to gentrification, showing a woman talking to people who have no place to go due to displacement.

Bad Bunny recently spoke about how he is proud of who he is in an interview with Trevor Noah.

“Why do I have to change? Nobody has asked a Gringo artist to change.- This is who I am. This is my music. This is my culture.  If you do [not] like it, do [not] listen to me,” says Bad Bunny.

His recent record, Un Verano Sin Ti, released this past May 6, setting the mood for the summer with his summer hits. From  Titi Me Pregunto, Después de la playa and Efecto. Many of these songs hit the top 5 on the Billboard charts shortly after their release. This was then followed by a record-breaking, sold-out stadium tour. The Bad Bunny craze was in full effect as tickets were reselling for up to $11,000 or more. His recent stadium brought him his well-deserved praise in the music world. 

In a recent interview, Kanye West talks about Bad Bunny and how he and James Blake bring him up in the studio when creating new music. 

“If you [are] going to put a new album out you have to go after the number one artist,” says West. “Like right now when me and James Blake are in the studio working on our album, who do you think we are bringing up? When we are talking about songs, stadium artists? Bad Bunny, that [is] who [is] on our wall when we make music.”  says West.

Bad Bunny has brought a lot of attention to himself and the Latino community, breaking multiple records and selling out Stadiums. Is Bad Bunny your artist of the year? 

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