Back to School Night Welcomes Wildcat Families Into the New School Year

  On Aug. 29, Glen A. Wilson High School (GAWHS) hosted Back to School Night, settling Wilson families into the new school year.

  An annual event held at the beginning of every school year, Back to School Nights consist of class presentations by GAWHS administration and teachers to provide a valuable meet-and-greet opportunity between the parents and Wilson staff.

  GAWHS Principal Dr. Danielle Kenfield explains the goals of this annual event.

  “Back to School Night is typically the first major event in the school year to initiate the school-parent partnership that we hope will continue throughout the year,” Dr. Kenfield detailed. “At Wilson, we believe that academic and social emotional success is best achieved through strong partnerships between the school, the parent, and the student.”

  From the faculty point of view, Chemistry teacher Mr. Ernesto Leon shares his perspective on this year’s Back to School Night.

  “[Though] this year unfortunately had a low turnout, it was a pleasure to match the students’ faces to the parents. I would not have otherwise been able to get to know about my students’ families,” Mr. Leon remarked. “I hope there are more events like this, I want to learn more about my students to better support their learning.”

  Expanding on the subject of supporting student learning, parent attendee Louie Carlos sees the informative value of Back to School Nights and provides suggestions for the improvement of this valuable event.

  “This is my fourth Back to School Night, [and] it was great! The teachers were very excited to have parents come into their class and it was very informative,” Carlos said. “I can tell who were the parents of the freshmen by the look on their face; they were somewhat quiet and lost. [In the future,,] I would include an ice breaker, maybe a trivia with a small, creative, yet inexpensive prize.”

  All in all, as this year’s Back to School Night comes to a fruitful conclusion, the Wildcat family looks forward to another productive school year ahead!


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