Back to School Night to be held in-person

This year, Glen A. Wilson HS hosted Back to School Night in accordance with COVID-19 safety restrictions. Only parents and staff were allowed on school grounds, whereas students were to stay home. However, not all parents will be present—some will be able to meet their teen’s teachers online through Zoom, a video conferencing software program, on Aug. 19th.

According to English teachers Ember Arteaga and Josipa Casey, they would much rather prefer Back to School Night be held entirely online.

“I wanted to do it online, but because we are in-person, I just want to give parents options,” Arteaga explained as she will be connecting with some parents online through Zoom while speaking to others in person.

Casey remarked similarly, “I wanted [Back to School Night] to be more accessible to any parents who are busy or have work.”

However, parents who are meeting Arteaga and Casey face-to-face will need to use the plexiglass shields provided by the district.

In addition to wearing masks and maintaining social distancing, plexiglass shields are one of many safety precautions the school board is taking. They are all examples of the changes made to the in-person classroom setting this year in light of the spread of the coronavirus. In particular, the rule stating only one parent per student can be in attendance on Back to School Night.

On the subject, sophomore Jasmine Knight expressed, “I think it is a better idea to let only one parent on campus without the student, especially with COVID lingering. We really do not want our school to be shut down because having too many people on campus puts everyone at a higher risk.”

Overall, when asked whether they would prefer online or in-person Back to School Night, Knight chose the latter.

“I honestly think in-person Back to School Night is better because I know some parents have trouble with technology,” Knight said.

Since Back to School Night is a highly anticipated event, both staff and students are glad it is continuing despite the on-going pandemic.

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