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Back to School Night receives varied responses


  Associated Student Body (ASB) hosted Back to School Night for parents to learn about classroom curriculum and to meet teachers on Thursday, Aug. 17.

  The annual event began with an introduction of faculty  by Dr. Kenfield in the gym. ASB members then guided parents to correct classrooms to meet with teachers.

   According to ASB president senior Karla Sandoval, preparations for the event lasted a week and resulted in an overall success despite few problems.

  “[The event was successful] because a lot of students were involved, saw what the school is about, and got parents out of their comfort zone,” Sandoval said. “Communication is key, [and] the difficulties [we had] were [due to] the lack of communication between members [of ASB].”

  For some teachers, the event proved to be a great opportunity for parents and teachers to interact. Math teacher Cindy Weiss says that the number of parents who came exceeded her expectations.

  “[In] some periods, up to ten families came, [and] I was surprised that so many parents came and were supportive about the supplies needed and goals for their students. It was nice to connect with them,” Weiss said.

  Weiss believes parent-teacher interaction is important for students to succeed in school.

  “I need [parents’] support in helping their students be successful. [For example], I need to know if there are special circumstances [and] come up with an action plan for students who have scheduling conflicts. I [can also] let parents know that I am available to [help struggling students],” Weiss said.

   Even though Back to School Night provided a chance for parents to meet teachers, some teachers felt  upset due to low parental attendance.

 History teacher Gregory Hustler says the number of parents who came fell short of his expectations.  

  “[The event was] not really a success because I expected at least six to eight parents, [but] only one showed up,” Hustler said. “Parents and teachers [should maintain] a close relationship for their students, [so] I was disappointed [at the results].”

  ASB’s next event is the Beat Los Altos rally at the amphitheater during lunch on Sept. 1.


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