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Spanish Honors Society celebrates Hispanic Heritage month

The Spanish Honors Society recently held two rallies to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month at the amps from Oct.14 through 15. The Honors Society showcased...

Superbowl upcoming Halftime Show brings a star-studded cast

Will this year’s halftime show live up to expectations? This year’s Superbowl will take place at the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, on Feb. 13...

Kids cause chaos on campus with the new “devious licks” TikTok challenge

The recent Tikok trend, “devious licks,” has finally wreaked havoc at Glen A Wilson High School. Everything is being stolen— from soap dispensers to doors,...

Fans left curious towards this year’s Champions League

What will be the major storylines in this year’s Champions League? The Champions League is a European football (soccer) league in which the best players...

Check out the new clubs!

Music Lab Esteban Diaz (12) Why did you decide to start this club this year “I decided to create this club to create an environment where people...

Mock Trial organizes first meetings for upcoming students

Glen A. Wilson’s Mock Trial recently held an informational meeting in room D-4 on September 3 and 7. Open to all grade levels, Mock Trial...

The truth behind the California recall of Gavin Newsom

As Gavin Newsom’s recall election steadily approaches, Californians are weary about the future of the state.

Will DONDA finally drop?

Another day goes by with fans waiting for Mr. West’s move on his next album—but his antics are starting to get old.

NBA free agency proves impactful for basketball fans

Who made the steps towards a championship, and who fell back into the National Basketball Association (NBA) shuffle?