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Girls volleyball celebrates senior night

Glen A. Wilson’s girl’s volleyball held their senior night and played their final home game of the season on Oct. 14.  This served as a...

The return of Venom: Let There Be Carnage

One of the most anticipated sequels, Venom: Let there be Carnage (LTBK), finally released on Oct. 1. Right from the get-go, the movie was...

Voices of Wilson holds Chipotle fundraiser

Glen A. Wilson’s Voices of Wilson (VOW) held a fundraiser at Chipotle on Sep. 12. The Voices of Wilson is made up of people from...

Deltarune: Chapter 2 solidifies itself as a future masterpiece

“No one can choose who they are in this world...” Deltarune is a role-playing game (RPG) made by game developer Toby Fox, also known as...

Members of ProStart NRA competed in their first ever competition, ProStart Culinary Cup

Students in ProStart NRA (National Restaurant Association) start the year with a bang. ProStart NRA is one of the career student organizations at Glen A.Wilson...

The NFL and its Immense Struggles with COVID-19

The National Football League (NFL) has decided to relax their previously strict COVID-19 procedures, but is it the right action to take?

Wilson senior hosts Valorant tourney showdown over Twitch

Glen A. Wilson senior Katelyn Yu hosted her first Valorant game tournament with eight teams composed of Wilson students.

New challenger approaching: Netflix to stream games in 2022

With the confirmation of this plan, would this be the push Netflix needs to rise to the top? Are you tired of playing the same...