Athletes “Sport” Their Best Moves at Rally


  Associated Student Body (ASB) held its annual Fall Sports Rally to feature sports teams and promote school spirit on Thursday, Nov. 1.

 The rally included captain and class games as well as performances  from the fall varsity sports. During the rally, sports captains gave insight as to how their season went. To prepare, ASB planned the games, painted a backdrop and created a script.

 According to ASB president senior Crystal Saleh, the Fall Rally is unique in many aspects. 

 “The Fall Rally is different from the other rallies we host, because it specifically highlights the fall sports at the end of their season and provides teams with a sense of comradery,” Saleh said.

 Furthermore, varsity tennis player sophomore  Justine Dang believes the audience’s reactions made performing especially enjoyable.

 “I liked performing, because the audience’s cheers were encouraging, and I was able to bond with the team members when practicing the dance,” Dang said.

 Moreover, freshman Allison Wibowo says she will attend future events due to her memorable experience at the rally.

 “It was interesting to see all the sports’ dances and [hear] interviews from captains,” Wibowo said. “I am excited to see future rallies and the activities they will have.”

 ASB’s next event is Club Food Day on Nov. 9.


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