Association of California School Administrators holds speech contest

Participants of the oratory contest hosted by the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) gathered in Room D4 for a practice session on Jan. 10.

While it has only been a week into the second semester, participants of the ACSA oratory contest have been busy drafting and polishing up their speeches to be performed at the school level, the district level, then finally at the regional competition. 

As students performed their speech for the first time during this practice session, advisor Samuel Barone applauded their effort and courage to take on such a challenge.

“Thank you for representing Wilson [and] taking a risk in putting yourself on a public limb to persuade and inspire others in [a] competitive verbal contest,” Barone said. “I am sure your effort will pay off in many ways since the skill of public speaking has huge applicable transfers into many aspects of public and interpersonal communications.”

Extending beyond the skills that participants gain from this experience, contest participant Christian Sentosa (10) discusses the valuable reflections and thoughts that the speech prompt has inspired.

“The prompt, light in education, represents the need to find the strength you hold,” Sentosa explained. “I find this topic to be very important and a great inspiration for others to find their light.”

Last but not least, another contest participant Yumeng Chen (10) shares her excitement about the formal competition.

“I am looking forward to hearing stories that other speakers will share!” Chen remarked.

School-level competition is anticipated to take place in Room D4 on Jan. 17, with Barone judging and selecting the students who will advance to compete at the district level.


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