Associated Student Body picks up last semester cabinet election

Associated Student Body (ASB) organized an online cabinet voting on Sept. 14.

Due to the lockdown in the previous semester, last year’s ASB cabinet voting did not take place until just earlier this week. Voting occurred during Monday’s synchronous learning period through the Canvas learning system.

In preparation for the elections, voters could watch videos of candidates’ speeches on the Glen A. Wilson ASB official Instagram page. Students had the opportunity to vote for candidates in categories such as president, vice president, secretary and treasurer, along with seniors voting for their senior class president.

According to presidential candidate senior Matthew Chan, the online process allowed ASB to provide similar experiences in terms of voting on campus.

“This year’s polling is a lot more efficient because usually we send our votes to a company to count for us and this time it was just on a Google doc so we know the results right away. We have thought about implementing online polling for in school voting, but usually we just prefer to have real people count it at a different company,” Chan stated.

Furthermore, vice president candidate junior Justin Huh prioritizes having an enjoyable environment for students in his campaign.

“Making the school year memorable as we all transition to distance learning for the first time in our lives [was a key part of my campaign],” Huh said. “[If I am chosen], I hope to be a bridge between ASB and the student body to bring new events Wilson has never seen before.”

For students like sophomore Jasmin Vilchis, campaigns did not resonate with students due to distance learning.

“Although it is out of [ASB’s] control, I believe that the campaign process did not truly connect with students,” Vilchis said. “I [was not] well informed of the candidate’s ideas to bring spirit to Wilson. Without physical campaigning like posters, [it was just harder to engage students].”

ASB cabinet voting results plan to be announced Sept. 18 via the Glen A. Wilson Instagram page.


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