ASB strategizes for Battle of the Classes rally

Ready, set, go! May the best graduating class win! 

Last Thursday on Feb. 2, Wilson’s Associate Student Body (ASB) held an information meeting for students who want to participate in the Battle of the Classes (BOTC) rally. Information disseminated to students included the date of the rally, details about the class dance, how points work and other important dates to keep track of.

Every year, Wilson hosts its BOTC rally to see which one of the four classes prevails, and the planning for the end-of-the-year rally has just begun! 

ASB member Mikaela Alegre (12) recapped some of the student positions discussed in Thursday’s meeting. 

“We have three types of openings for students,” explained Alegre. “The first are the BOTC leaders, a few students for each grade will be leading their class effort for BOTC altogether. The second are dancers or choreographers; dancers will be a part of their class’s dance at the rally, and choreographers will be the ones leading and teaching the dance. The third is our BOTC artists and decorators who will take charge and contribute towards decorating their class’s section in the gym for the day of the rally.” 

Additionally, Kristy Yi (11), who is also in ASB, shared what she is most looking forward to for the upcoming BOTC rally. 

“I am very excited,” Yi exclaimed. “Taking part in the decorations and the class dance at last year’s BOTC was so fun to do with friends. You end up making more friends along the process because you spend a lot of time [rehearsing the dance] with them. It is also so competitive at the actual rally. The games and activities are all so great, and the decorations from all the classes really bring everything together!”

As the year comes to an end, everyone is hyped up to see which graduating class can pull off the most impressive dance stunts and show the most grit through competition games!

If you have any impressive moves to show off or artistic inclinations to put on display, consider participating in future BOTC rallies and repping your class’s school spirit!

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