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ASB spreads love at Valentine’s Day Rally

PC_ Vicky (V-Day)

 Associated Student Body (ASB) hosted its annual Valentine’s Day rally in the amphitheater to promote the holiday’s spirit among students.

 On Valentine’s Day, students in relationships wore red, those in complicated relationships wore pink and singles wore white. During the rally, students also participated in multiple love-themed games such as couples’ trivia, Bachelor and Bachelorette.

 According to ASB President senior Karla Sandoval, the excellent crowd reaction served as an indication of the rally’s success.

 “The love-themed decorations were effective in establishing a Valentine’s Day vibe,” Sandoval said. “We had a [superior] crowd turnout, and everyone seemed to be having a good time, so I would say that this rally [exceeded our expectations].”

 ASB made many posters and decorations, planned games and compiled a playlist to prepare for the rally.

 Co-head of ASB commissioner group senior Felicia Kuo says that the love-themed rally games based on television shows contributed to an overall enjoyable rally.

 “Although game participants were confused about the rules of the couple’s trivia, it did not seem to affect the overall spirit of the rally,” Kuo said. “The Bachelor and The Bachelorette-themed games made up for this obstacle.”

 Sophomore Scott Lai says that although he enjoyed the rally, he would like to see new activities next time.

 “Next time, I want to see newer games, as these were the same games as last year’s,” Lai said. “However, it was interesting to see how much people knew about their [significant other] in the couple’s trivia.”

 ASB’s next event is Mr. Wilson on Mar. 23.

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