ASB provides spirit week to help students get in the mood for the Homecoming dance

Glen A. Wilson’s Associated Student Body (ASB) hosted its Homecoming Spirit Week from Oct. 18 to Oct. 22. 

ASB had their annual Homecoming Spirit Week with Viva Las Vegas-themed spirit days including Anything But a Backpack Day, Pajama Day, Mismatch Day, Music Merch Day and Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

According to ASB vice president junior Bellai Sandoval, ASB had every single event well planned out for spirit week to help students participate in school spirit and prepare the mood for the Homecoming dance. 

“Everyone in ASB was really excited to prepare for this year’s homecoming. As a result, we had different committee groups to help prepare for this week,” said Sandavol.  

“For example, I am in charge of rallies while others might be in charge of activities. There was also a homecoming committee that was created and they are responsible for the homecoming showcase. It was the events leading up to that day for students to create memories for themselves.”

Moreover, ASB member junior Kennedy Brown states with the spirit week being in person this year, she hopes students will look forward to Homecoming even more. 

“Our spirit week this year was designed around the theme of the dance, this year’s being Viva Las Vegas. Last year’s spirit weeks were more challenging to plan and were less interactive, but being back on campus has definitely boosted spirit and allowed for [the ASB students] to be more creative,” said Brown.

Lastly, freshman Kai Lieu looked forward to the Anything But a Backpack event and Mismatch Day as these spirit days appealed most to Lieu to get ready for Homecoming. 

“These spirit days are really fun and they really get students in the mood for homecoming,” said Lieu.

ASB’s next event will be the Homecoming dance which will happen on Oct. 23 and the next spirit week will occur in November in preparation for Thanksgiving Break. 

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