ASB organizes student campaign week to elect new cabinet


  Associated Student Body (ASB) organized student campaign week to determine the cabinet for the 2020-2021 school year.

  Students ran for their respective positions,  which included treasurer, secretary, senior class president, Vice President and ASB President. 

  To spread publicity, candidates  posted positive messages on social media along with putting up posters around campus.

  According to ASB Advisor Patricia Habash-Branconier, the individuals who become elected can impact ASB for years to come.

 “These students have ideas that have the potential to change the school for years. Whether their ideas stick or not, it is important for students to understand they have a voice,” Habash said.

  When asked about his campaign goals, sophomore Justin Huh hopes to succeed by being assertive.

  “My mentality towards this race is to prove to others that I am the best candidate for the position of Vice President. I want to [appeal] to the [majority] of the student body, and I am truly driven with passion to help ASB plan events to create fun memories for all students,” Huh said.

 Additionally, sophomore Slade Mendoza views running for treasurer as a challenge, but nevertheless attacks his campaign with a positive mindset.

 “So far, the run has been difficult, because it [consists] of making myself more memorable as a candidate by walking through the hallways with flashy posters and creating catchy slogans,” Mendoza said. “I am solely focusing on word of mouth in my campaign, which will hopefully build trust between me and the voters.”

 ASB’s official voting day will be held on Monday, Mar. 16.


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