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ASB organizes an informational meeting for new members

The Glen A. Wilson High School Associated Student Body (ASB) held their annual student interest meeting for anyone looking to join the program on Mar. 18.

Held via Zoom, the meeting offered students a peek into what the responsibilities and activities of the ASB staff typically look like, in hopes of gaining new members. Taking place every year, this meeting marks the first step of introducing a new set of students into the program.

According to ASB President senior Mathew Chan, the meeting succeeded in expressing the program’s aspirations and goals to any incoming members.

“The interest meeting last week was basically held just to give out information and talk about what we do as a program, as well as what our mission is,” Chan said. “Essentially, we aim to give all students the best high school experience possible. Whether it be through planning fun events or helping students with the transition from middle school to high school, we just want to help students in every way possible.”

Furthermore, ASB Vice President junior Justin Huh elaborated on the engagement of the meeting, as well as what he is looking forward to in the near future.

“The meeting was very engaging for those interested in joining ASB, because cabinet members were able to personally introduce themselves to the applicants and explain to them what ASB is all about,” Huh said. “I am very excited about ushering in a new group of ASB members for next year, as I can’t wait to hear all the creative ideas that they may bring to the table!”

Finally, junior and ASB member Jasmine Yang gave her take on the prospect of new members joining the group for next year.

“ASB is an ever-growing family, and we welcome all [new members] with open arms. I know what it is like to be a newcomer in ASB, and take great pleasure in helping someone find where they belong within our large family,” Yang said. “With 19 seniors graduating this year, there will definitely be a void that incoming seniors, juniors, and sophomores will need to fill. But if anything, this unique year has prepared us all for the unpredictable.

ASB will continue to receive applications as well as to conduct interviews and is aiming to announce the new members sometime towards the end of the 2020-21 school year.

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