ASB Middle School Leadership Workshop Provides Insight to our Future Wildcats!

  Glen A. Wilson’s Associated Student Body (ASB) held a successful leadership workshop for Mesa Robles and Cedarlane ASB middle school students on Thurs. Feb. 1st,  as a way to show the future wildcat’s in leadership positions and   the components that go into Wilson’s ASB. The event went very well as students were interactive with ASB members and became more informed on the inner workings of Glen A. Wilson High School.

  ASB Advisor Mrs. Branconier, explains the type of bonding and training ASB carried out with the students.

“They covered four topics that were provided by our middle school groups. Our students did team bonding activities with each group as they went around to each station where they learned about communication, time management, positive influence, and teamwork.”

  The students also partook in making tutus, an ASB staple, and helping ASB with the behind the scenes of the set up for basketball’s senior night. 

  Secretary Heeju Bahk shares how she approaches the students to make them feel comfortable while in a potentially intimidating setting. 

“Naturally I love talking to people, so I tend to just reach out and spark a conversation! I also know how it feels to be intimidated by something or someone, so I try not to hesitate when approaching people who seem to be in that situation.”

  Lastly, Sophomore Urijah Rivera expressed events he thinks would garner more students to attend Wilson as well as his favorite part about working said events.

“I believe that Mr. Wilson and Battle of The Classes (BOTC) will help influence the kids to attend Wilson High School because I think they see the pride that our school has to offer with these great events.” Urijah commented.

“My favorite parts about working these events are getting the satisfaction of seeing it being completed with proper and amazing production. I feel like seeing it be properly done makes all of ASB feel proud.” 

  ASB is set to have many events coming up as we further progress into the spring semester. Keep a lookout on the upcoming winter rally and Mr. Wilson dates!


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