ASB hosts first annual Beat LA Spirit Week

The 2021-2022 Beat LA Spirit Week —hosted by the Associated Student Body (ASB)—commemorates the first football game against Los Altos High School this Friday, Aug. 20th.

The week’s Spirit Days included themes such as Twin Day, Tropical Attire, Workout Gear, Jersey/Sports Attire Day and Cardinal & Gold Day. At lunch, students meet near the amphitheater to gather class points and take photos in front of ASB’s Beat LA poster.

“This year’s Spirit Week may help improve the school spirit with more competition as not everyone is involved in this particular event,” Math teacher John Sandoval said.

Sandoval believes that “by including a rival school, it may encourage students to participate more.”

Additionally, ASB President senior Justin Huh acknowledges that despite the chaos of the previous distance learning year, Spirit Weeks are still very important to fostering school spirit.

“I love to see everyone expressing their spirit and just having a good time dressing up together and taking pictures to save the memories!” Huh said.

Huh expressed that “Spirit Week makes an enormous impact on Wilson because the students dress up together.” Since spirit days have done fairly well in previous years, he didn’t see any issue with continuing the tradition this year.

For students like junior Katrina Liang, the week-long event is a great way to interact with other students.

“I think it is a fun and great way to have people hyped up for the rivalry game,” Liang said. “It is really fun being able to dress up in different ways for Spirit Week and also seeing what other people wear as well.”

Furthermore, for freshmen just entering the school like Xintong Pan, participating in Spirit Week allowed her to build a deeper connection with the school.

“I used to feel detached to the campus when I started school, but now I feel familiar with it. There is nothing like an easy and fun spirit week to help familiarize myself with the school more,” Pan said.

Upcoming ASB events include the Homecoming dance and the Fall Sports Rally, which will take place in October.

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