ASB hosts C/O 2022 Senior Beach Day

Glen A Wilson’s Associated Student Body (ASB) hosted a senior get-together at the Newland Beach Volleyball Courts on Aug. 22.

Organized by the Senior Class Presidents, all Glen A Wilson High School seniors were invited to hang out at the beach at 3 PM and received complimentary s’mores at the end of the night. This event was not school-sponsored, ASB advisor Patricia Branconier explained. According to Branconier, there were about 100 attendees to celebrate.

“It was nice to see the kids come together and celebrate the start of their senior year,” Branconier said.

The beach day is the first event for seniors since the return to in-person learning from the pandemic. The planning for the event took about two weeks, Senior Class President Imani Lee explained. Since the school did not sponsor the event, ASB was allowed to set a time and place without pending approval as long as it was within COVID guidelines.

“The pandemic affected our planning process because we were initially going to provide dinner and additional foods, but we were limited so that there was not much spread of germs,” said Lee.

Senior Anett Pajuelo felt that the event was a much-needed “breath of fresh air,” as she recalls having fun swimming and jumping over the waves with her friends.

“After so much growing stress from the pandemic, college apps and so much more, going to Senior Beach Day was a way to celebrate the hard work my friends and I have all been putting in for the past three years,” Pajuelo said.

ASB plans to have the next senior event be Senior Sunrise, which students can look forward to sometime in September.


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